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The Odoo module contains the German documents for immediate use in your Odoo system. With the purchase you acquire the right to use the module in your system for the corresponding version of Odoo. After the purchase the module will be sent to you by email.

                                                Odoo Reports

                                                German Documents/Reports in Odoo

                                                You have surely wondered when you printed out a customer offer in Odoo for the first time. The address line is somewhere and not where it belongs. With the layout you can't really lure customers behind the oven. Ecoservice has the solution for you.

                                                Documents for all areas

                                                Customer quotation, order confirmation, supplier request, purchase order, delivery note, invoice, credit note

                                                Printing on letter paper

                                                All documents can be printed as PDF documents with logo and on letterhead.

                                                Individual texts

                                                Standard texts can be set and individually adapted in the document.


                                                All documents run in a multi-company environment

                                                Individual font

                                                The font can be set individually

                                                Sale Layout

                                                The Odoo standard function for headings, subtotals and line breaks are respected

                                                Position number

                                                The item numbers can be shown and hidden

                                                Optional products

                                                Optional products are also displayed on the documents.

                                                Head section

                                                The header displays important information such as customer number, reference, VAT ID, contact


                                                Footer with company address, local court, managing director, banks

                                                Page number

                                                The number of pages and the document name is shown on all documents


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                                                Download the documents in PDF format for viewing


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