Odoo 10 Support

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Odoo 10 Support for 27,50 EUR per 15 Minutes

Odoo Support, 110 EUR/hour

consultation, problem solving, implementation

Odoo Support, consultation, help, assistance
Do you know how sick days are getting set in Odoo? What do you do with recurrent bills in Odoo? How are manufacturing costs managed right? Why can I not generate debitor and creditor automatically? Where do you find the costumer number and the supplier number. What does production lot mean and where can you find the charge?

The list with questions can surely be infinitely long. There are always again a lot of questions to the configuration or the use of accounting in Odoo. For a lot of those questions a first consultaion from a competent business would be enough.

This is the reason Ecoservice offers support for Odoo. The consulation could be per phone or per TeamViewer. The billing takes place per proof of performance.

If you still have questions, do not hesitate. We would like to help you.