Tutorials: eCommerce

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Collection of instructions on the topic eCommerce in Odoo

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                      Tutorials eCommerce

                      Everything you need to set up your shops in Odoo

                      When you are thinking about setting up a store with Odoo, then you should look at our tutorials before that. The material will be teached in a practical and compressed way. The collection includes tutorials for the following topics:

                      • Basis configurations shop

                      • Creating products

                      • Alternative products, accessories, optional products

                      • Product settings

                      • Payment providers

                      • Website Editor

                      • price lists

                      • Settings in B2B and B2C

                      • Shipping methods

                      • Legal settings (terms and conditions, privacy statement, right of revocation)

                      • Customer portal

                      Besides the main documents this also includes a list with tasks. So you can immediately train what you just learned.

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