Odoo 11

Release Notes

Was ist Neu in Odoo 11?

Mit der Einführung von Odoo 11 sind einige Interessante Funktiontionen neu hinzugekommen. Die Gewindigkeit des Seitenaufbaues ist spürbar schneller. Viele Anwender wird es freuen, dass die Lokalisierung verbessert und die Wiedervorlage in der Chatterfunktion eingebaut wurde. Wer sich einen schnellen Überblick verschaffen möchte, sollte auch unseren Blogbeitrag lesen.


Performance Optimization

Backend operations are between 2x and 3x faster. All frontend views have been redeveloped from scratch to speed up load times and reduce flickering.

New Design

A new design with a more vibrant color scheme, optimized to adapt to all screen sizes and devices.

Improved Settings

Global search across all settings, improved design, and the ability to switch from the settings of one app to another.

Report Templates

Configurable and beautiful templates for your report, customization through studio, better file naming of PDFs.

Kanban Headers

Progress bar on kanban headers, clean animations, ability to filter on the progress bar with a simple click.


Schedule next activities and get clean notifications. Activities are integrated with VoIP, calendar, and notes.

New Widgets

Domain selector, fields selector, placeholder generator for email templates, advanced address blocks.

Menus and Dashboards

New dashboard for project and website. Split of sales and CRM. Catalog menus in business applications.


Improved push notification mechanism, great feedback and rewards are now delivered with a rainbow animation.


Images and PDF preview in messages. Click to preview and navigate through these documents.

Mobile Discuss

The discuss application has been reworked for a better user interface on Androïd and iOS mobile interfaces.


Burger menu and account menu better adapted to mobile.

Mobile UI

Improved navigation in Kanban views, improved burger menu and user preferences menu.

New Apps

Online Appointments

Allow customers or visitors to book a meeting with your teams and easily manage reminders, schedules, etc.

Marketing Automation

Automate actions and emails based on a campaign flow: follow-up on abandoned carts, automate events reminders, lead nurturing schedules, etc.

In-App Purchases

API for services to develop extra services available through the interface. First service: Send SMS

iOS App

New native app for iOS phones featuring faster load times, native notifications, account management, and native widgets for date, time, email, phone, and relational fields.


A platform to develop, test, deploy, and host your Odoo projects. More information

Salary Configurator

A salary configurator has been developed for the Belgian market to make flexible offers to applicants or appraisals of employees.

Odoo Studio

Drag & Drop

Drag & drop form builder, list editor, graph designer, etc.


Edit one2many and many2many fields: lst, kanban, forms. (Example: Customize sale order lines)

New Views

Customize calendar, Gantt, and pivot views through Odoo Studio.

Related fields

Create related fields in a few clicks to display values of others objects; very useful for cross-object statistics.

Rainbow Customization

Customize the rainbow animation on any button to reward your users on important achievements.

Background Customization

Customize the background of the app switcher dashboard to reflect your company branding.


Ability to create new reports from Odoo Studio.

Website Form

Create website forms related to any object to allow your visitors to create records (support/helpdesk ticket form).


Switch easily from one view to another, without having to exit and reopen Odoo Studio.



Alle Zahlungsanbieter wurden von Odoo Enterprise zur Community Version verschoben.

Neue Zahlungsanbieter

Neue Zahlungsanbieter: Stripe (weltweit) und PayU Money (Indien).

eCommerce Dashboard

In das neue eCommerce-Dashboard wurde Google Analytics integriert. Es enthält Statistiken über den Verkauf, Top-Produkte, etc.

Warnung bei nicht am Lager

Ermöglicht die Warnung auf der Produktseiten, um die Bestellung eines Produkts zu verhindern, wenn dies nicht verfügbar ist.


TaxCloud Integration

Integration mit TaxCloud, um die korrekten Steuern automatisch in den USA entsprechend der Adresse (zip, Zustand) und Produkte zu berechnen.


Verschieden Methoden, um Kundenaufträge nach der Zahlungsmethode zu bestätigen.

Mehrere Produktbilder

Ermöglicht das Einstellen von mehreren Bildern für ein Produkt oder eine Produktvariante.


Klicken Sie auf ein Produktbild, um es zu vergrößern. Diese Option wird über das obere 'Customize' Menü aktiviert werden.


Als eine Option können Attribute Varianten anlegen oder nicht. Dadurch können Attribute verwendet werden, die nur für einen Produktkonfigurator verwendet werden.

Tracking des Lieferstatus

Erhalten Sie den Status Ihres Lieferauftrags direkt im Kundenportal mit einem Link zur Tracking-Seite des Anbieters.

B2B und B2C

Mit der neuen Option können Sie auswählen, wie die Preise in Ihrem eCommerce Webseite angezeigt werden sollen: Steuern inbegriffen oder ausgeschlossen.



Neue Yodlee Schnittstelle

Support for the new API of Yodlee to improve bank synchronization and error messages.

Standard Geschäftsbedingungen

Configure default terms and conditions on new invoices.


Ability to set up a dedicated sequence for customer refunds and vendor refunds.


Ability to add a shipping address on customer invoices. This address comes directly from the sale order.



Improvements in the SEPA import tool for European payments.


Alter der Verbindlichkeiten und Forderungen

Fold and unfold feature in the aged payables and receivables to expand a line and get the details of the customer/vendor.


Mehrstufige Hierarchien

Added back a multi-level hierarchy option in the trial balance report.



Improved export of accounting reports to XLSX.

OPOS Ausgleich

Reconciliation models can now be configured in the chart of accounts template.


New statement to export FEC for France accounting.



New Camt.053 support to import bank statements from your bank.

CSV Bankauszug Import

New tool to import CSV bank statements easily with detection of format and locales.

Einheitlicher Zahlungsverkehr

Unified payment mechanism for checks, direct debit, SEPA, recurring payments, credit card debit, etc.

Mehrstufige Reports

Main reports (P&L, BS, Trial Balance) improved to filter on analytic accounts & tags. New report on analytic accounts. Ability to record tags at invoice, sale or journal entries level.

Voller OPOS Ausgleich

New mechanism to handle full reconciliations (requirement for the FEC report).

Odoo Studio


Application builder

Create or customize applications without development and maintain your changes easily with upgrades. View the studio app.

Reports Customization

Customize reports with inline edition or using the integrated XML editor on QWeb report views.

Translations Management

Update translations easily to localize your application in several languages.

Actions Editor

Customize actions: create new views, set default values, document your customizations, etc.

Screen designer

Customize forms and list views: add fields, customize fields properties, add widgets (notebook, chatter, button box, etc).

Automated Actions

Add business logic to your application, automate tasks with no development.

Menu Editor

Create new menus or modify existing ones to build your tailored applications easily.

Developer Mode

Use the developer mode to access advanced features: direct XML edition of views/reports, more options on fields, etc.

Website Builder

Customize URLs

Edit page properties such as URL through the new page manager (/page/ no longer required).

Theme Selector

Improved theme selector with easy preview of available themes without changing your current theme.

Page Builder

All official themes improved for better usability. The page builder engine has been redeveloped from scratch for an upgraded user experience.


The firsts steps to configure a website have been simplified. Simply set your logo, activate features in one click, and configure with simplified settings.

Page Manager

Edit the name, URL, publish & index status of your pages (no more /page/xyz required).

Less/CSS editor

Customize the style of your website with the new Less/CSS editor.

Customer Portal

Choose between a B2C (free signup) and B2B mode (on invitation) for yours customers to see their documents (sales orders, invoices, etc.).


Checkout & Payment

Optimized checkout process embedded payment forms to be responsive on mobile devices.

Abandoned Carts

Search, mail, and launch marketing automation on abandoned carts to convert them into orders.


The next actions to do are available on the dashboard: orders to invoice, payments to receive, shoppers to revive, etc.

New KPIs

Track your eCommerce KPIs: conversion rate (cart to order), average cart amount, best sellers, etc.

Products Comparator

The new product comparator is based on attributes (variants or not) of products.


Shoppers can add products to a wishlist. Returning customers will use it to buy their favorite items faster.

Product Availability

Setup how you want to manage inventory shortage and publish the available inventory.

Coupons & Promotions

New promotions & coupons program system.


SEPA Direct Debit

SEPA Direct Debit allows you to draft payments from your customers' bank accounts with their approval (European standard).

Batch Payments

Select multiple vendor bills and pay them all at once. Work to credit a batch of customers via SEPA Direct Debit or credit card tokens.

Address Autocomplete

Enter a valid VAT number and Odoo will autocomplete the name and the address of the customer (Europe only).

3-Way Matching

Compare what you have received with the vendor bill to release an invoice for payment.

Payments on Invoices

Print invoices with the information about the payments already prefilled at the bottom.

Invoice Number

Easier, inline configuration of the sequence of your first invoice.


Pay Multiple Invoices

Ability to reconcile a payment with several invoices using a button on the payment form.

Consolidated Journal Report

The consolidated journal report displays what happened in each journal organized month by month for readability.

Proforma Invoices

Print proforma invoices directly from the sales order.

Auditable Tax Report

In the tax report, select a line and click on the "audit" button to audit the journal items (base and tax in the same report).


As long as you have not recorded any journal entry in an account, you are able to modify it.

Easy Setup

Simplified initial setup with a configuration progress bar (Example: Set your initial balances from one screen).

Legal Statements

Numerous usability improvements on legal statements such as hover effects, hierarchies of accounts, duplicate a report function, faster load times, etc.


Updated chart of accounts and taxes, CFDI 3.3, DIOT, Trial Balance and new CoA report.


ISR invoices (BVR), DTA → SEPA, cash rounding management, postal bank support, currency rate live update based on Federal Tax Agency.


New chart of accounts (Pymes, Assocations, Corporates), updated taxes, legal statements (Balance Sheet, AEAT Modelo 111, 115 and 303).


The accounting localization has been adapted for GST.

United States

New check register report.


Updated chart of accounts and taxes, general ledger XAF report, new legal statements: P&L and ICP.


Updated chart of accounts (skr03 and skr04), updated taxes, new legal statements (P&L, Balance Sheet, Intracom Tax Report), updated tax report, DATEV Export.


Updated chart of accounts and taxes, Certificados de Retencion, tax base field on journal items.


Complete Refactoring

Extensive refactoring in order to boost performance and improve flexibility and robustness.

Updated Posted Transactions

You are now able to update any transaction (picking, manufacturing order) after being posted through the new lock/unlock button.

Usability Improvements

Cleaned menus, improved reports (inventory analysis, traceability report, costing report, and others).

More Robust

Better warnings to prevent mistakes, visual indicators to notify you of potential errors, and logged notes in the chatter for better history tracking.


Support for Cash On Delivery, Bill My Account, additional service types, and additional label file types.


Added option for selecting Saturday delivery.


New shipping carrier supporting bPost World Express Pro and bPost Domestic bpack 24h Pro.



Forecasts & Planning

Grid view to forecast or create users planning in addition to the existing Gantt view.


Support for project sub-tasks. Easy for delegation or splitting a job to do across different persons (should be activated from the developer mode).

Customer Satisfaction

Automate satisfaction surveys (ratings) periodically or at tasks/issues completion. Public dashboard to share your performance.



Barcode Scanner

Improved barcode scanner interface for mobile screens and better usablity.



Integrated with packaging. Packages taken into account in the delivery cost.

Inventory adjustments

Inventory on category of products and ease the started inventory of your product.

Multi-locations & Warehouses

Configuration for multi-locations & warehouses have been split. This allows to have a single warehouse with multiple locations or multiple warehouses with no location management.

Returns & Refunds

When returning products, optionally refund the customer and/or vendor.

Internal notes

Set internal notes on products and get these notes to appear when receiving or delivering products (eg. quality control reminder).


Ability to scan or set a package and its weight when processing a picking/delivery order. Useful for cost computation and label printing by carriers.



Barcode Management

Track attendees participation by scanning badges with the new barcode interface.

Email scheduling

Templates of emails improved.

Twitter wall

Attach a twitter wall to your event to publish live tweets, and create pages with best testimonials.


Editable POs

You can now modify purchase orders and expected receptions will adapt automatically.

Blanket Orders

Create blanket orders, order when you want, and track quantities according to the contract.

Purchase tender

Improved usablity for purchase tenders: easily create new offers, don't cancel tenders automatically.'

Templates of PO

Use purchase agreements to define templates of purchase orders. When creating a PO, you can load all products automatically.



Grid view

New Grid view introduced to easily manage matrix of records. Recording timesheets is now faster with this grid view.

Project based

Timesheets are now based on projects and tasks, not anymore on analytic accounts.


Invoicing policy

A new option has been introduce to invoice timesheets based on validation, not on creation. Useful to invoice timesheets weekly or monthly.


Tablet Ui

Put a tablet at your company entrance, and manage attendances with badges or code.


Print badges with barcodes and sign in/out by scanning the badges.

PIN support

Sign In/Out using a PIN code per employee.



Themes & Styles

Mass mailing now support themes (pre-made mailings) and styles for the choice of colors and images.


New themes

Four themes and styles are available by default.

New editor

The mass mailing editor has been redeveloped from scratch to improve its usability.

Building Blocks

All building blocks, and the designer have been reviewed to improve the creation of a mailing.


Recipients tracking

Check the status of mail sent and track external recipient on emails

Live chat Rating

Let your customer leave his feedback about your company services through the live chat.


Mentions are now supported in the discuss widget on documents, to easily notify other people.

Canned responses

Define canned responses to quickly answer most common questions in the live chat (use ":").

Chat Commands

New mechanism of commands. Start a link with "/" to get the list of chat commands.


Expense reports

Submit your expenses in bulk to your manager, using expense reports.


Improved reimbursement mechanism with a one-click payment wizard.


Attach photos of expenses, and easily control attachements on expense reports.

Email Gateway

Send a picture of your expense by email and Odoo will create the expense automatically for you.

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